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Carnations for Mother's Day: Official Flower of Mother's Day

Commack Florist provides stylish and meaningful carnations to convey your innermost thoughts and emotions, all without spending a fortune impressing mum.

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It's a time-honored tradition to send mom flowers on Mother's Day, but what you may not know is that carnations are the official Mother's Day flower. Many people buy carnations as bouquets to express their gratitude or to send well-wishes to their mothers.Commack Florist provides stylish and meaningful carnations to convey your innermost thoughts and emotions, all without spending a fortune impressing mum. So, if you don't want her to frown, why not give her the simple but meaningful gift of carnations instead? Hence, let's learn the story behind why the Carnation became the official flower of Mother's Day in this blog.

Carnations and their history

Asia and Europe have cultivated carnations for thousands of years, which come from the species Dianthus caryophyllus. Almost all of the species are perennials. These plants originate in Greece, Sicily, Spain, Albania, and Croatia in the Mediterranean region. In Roman and Greek times, these beautiful flowers were used to fashion ornate crowns and garlands. In the modern era, carnations have often been referred to as the official flowers of Mother's Day.

What makes carnations so special?

The story began in 1905 when Anna Jarvis lost her mother. It had been a very close friendship between her and her mother. In the midst of her grief, Anna made a solemn vow. To honor her mother and all mothers for their contribution to society, she pledged to create a national day. It is credited to Anna Jarvis that the idea of celebrating mothers was first introduced. As a memorial to her mother, Jarvis sent 500 white carnations in 1907 to Grafton's St. Andrew's Methodist Episcopal Church. It was in this church where her mother worked for 20 years as a Sunday school teacher. Because Carnations were her mother's favorite flower, each mother in the congregation was given one as a gift. In the following year, St. Andrew's repeated the gesture, and thus the link between Carnations and carnations for Mother's Day began.

Carnations' significance

Even a century later, Jarvis' legacy lives on through our Mother's Day celebrations. Mother's Day would not be complete without carnations, which have become the official flower of the holiday. During her days, white flowers were commonly grown, but now pink and red flowers have also gained popularity. Today, pink carnations generally symbolize gratitude, while red ones indicate admiration. For mothers who have passed away, white carnations are now reserved. In this way, you can choose an appropriate colour of carnations for your mother's day flower arrangement.

A carnation with many characteristics

Carnations may have a bad reputation as cheap bouquet fillers, but they actually have many benefits that make them a great gifting choice. Carnations pollen is hypoallergenic, so you don't have to worry about getting a bouquet of Carnations for an allergy-prone mother from a flower shop in Commack NY.

A carnation can last for a long time

When it comes to Mother's Day flower delivery Commack, you can be certain that the best of these blooms will last for up to three weeks with little hands-on care. So, your mother will have a little longer to admire them than she usually can do with other freshly cut flowers. If they are properly cared for and nurtured, they can thrive in any environment without requiring much nourishment, staying fresh for up to three weeks. You can make your mother feel important and loved this Mother's Day by ordering these blooms from Brentwood same day flower delivery.

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