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The Daisy and Sweet Pea: Flower of the Month for April Birth Flower
by Stefan Karatzas | Mar 30 2024 12:00AM | Birth Flower

April’s flower of the month for April celebrates the cheerful daisy and fragrant sweet pea. Perfect emblems for spring, they blend charm and freshness into every bouquet and garden. Our exploration will take you through their meanings, cultural significance, and why they’re the heart of April’s floral scene.

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December Birth Flower: Embracing Holly & Narcissus
Dec 4 2023 12:00AM | Birth Flower

Welcome to the enchanting world of December birth flowers! As the holiday season approaches, there's no better time to explore the delightful duo of holly and Narcissus, the December birth flower. These beautiful and meaningful flowers offer a unique combination for those born in this festive month, adding warmth, color, and symbolism to their celebrations.

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The August Birth Flower: Gladiolus and its Enchanting Beauty
by Stefan Karatzas | Aug 8 2023 12:00AM | Birth Flower

Welcome to another edition of our birth flower series at! As the warmth and brilliance of August envelop us, we're spotlighting a flower that is as vibrant and theatrical as summer itself: the Gladiolus.

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July Birth Flowers: Larkspur and Water Lily
by Stefan Karatzas | Jul 5 2023 12:00AM | Birth Flower

Learn the symbolism and meaning of July's birth flowers, Larkspur and water lily. Please find out the history and origin of these flowers and how to incorporate them into your home and garden. Get helpful tips and expert advice from Commack Florist today!

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June Birth Flowers: Rose and Honeysuckle
by Stefan Karatzas | Jun 5 2023 12:00AM | Birth Flower

June birth flowers rose and honeysuckle, are popular for expressing love and devotion. Rose has long been associated with romance and passion, and honeysuckle has been used in decorative art to represent love and affection. They are also known for their fragrant and therapeutic properties, making them perfect gifts for your special someone this June.

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Discover the Unique Meaning Behind the March Birth Flower
by Stefan Karatzas | Apr 12 2023 12:00AM | Birth Flower

The Daffodil, the birth flower of March, symbolizes new beginnings, renewal and optimism for those born in the month.

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