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The Best Flower Centerpieces for Every Season
Jun 26 2023 12:00AM | Flower Arrangement

Whether you're hosting a spring brunch, summer barbecue, fall dinner party, or winter holiday gathering, the right flower arrangements can set just the right mood.

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Lotus Flower Meaning: The Symbol of Purity and Enlightenment
by Stefan Karatzas | Jun 21 2023 12:00AM | FLOWER MEANING

Lotus flowers meaning often associated with purity because of their ability to grow in murky water and yet remain clean and fresh.

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June Birth Flowers: Rose and Honeysuckle
by Stefan Karatzas | Jun 5 2023 12:00AM | Birth Flower

June birth flowers rose and honeysuckle, are popular for expressing love and devotion. Rose has long been associated with romance and passion, and honeysuckle has been used in decorative art to represent love and affection. They are also known for their fragrant and therapeutic properties, making them perfect gifts for your special someone this June.

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